Planetary Mixer

General Description

The Gansons Planetary Mixer mixes, emulsifies, blends, de-aerates and distributes a wide variety of materials of different viscosities and textures and sizes. It can be used as a single pot processer in the production of everything from cosmetic gels to toothpastes. It performs particularly well when handling high- viscosity, difficult-to-mix materials.


More Information

  • Features

    Anchor with PTFE side-scraper.
    Two planetary beaters.
    Optional addition of High-Speed Homogenizer.
    Provision for steam heating and cooling.
    Production of packing line-ready product.
    Easy retraction of mixing bowl for rapid and convenient cleaning.
    Compact design.
    Trolley base for bowl for easy transportation.
    Capability for vacuum application.

  • Technical Specifications

    Available Capacities: From 5 liters to 1500 liters