Gyanendra Nath Banerjee (1892-1971),
Visionary Founder of Gansons

Gansons was incorporated by Mr. Gyanendra Nath Banerjee on August 19th, 1947 to manufacture and distribute laboratory and other equipment. He was soon joined by his sons Arun and Nilu Banerjee.

In the 1950s, Gansons started manufacturing larger equipment for the processing of chemicals, foods, and minerals. Gansons was one of the first companies to manufacture equipment with stainless steel in India.

Leveraging top-notch engineering skills and quality manufacturing, Gansons has developed a stellar reputation as India's leading manufacturer of process equipment.

Few other Indian companies can claim our long record of successful and sustained achievements. Over the course of our history, we are also proud to have given starts and critical training to the heads and key personnel of many other Indian equipment manufacturers.


Today, the Gansons group is a collection of companies that focus on the manufacture and distribution of a wide range of process equipment. The group holds a leading position offering both standard and custom-manufactured equipment and support services for industries including:


  The Gansons Group employs over 500 people across following companies:
• Gansons Limited
• Gansons Engineers Private Limited
• Minerals Process Equipment Private Limited
• Gansons Marketing Private Limited
• West View Innovation Services Private Limited

Gansons has multiple facilities across India with headquarters in Thane (near Mumbai). In addition to its head office in Thane, offices are maintained in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai.

Additionally, we have manufacturing facilities in Thane, Nagpur, Mumbai, Digha, and two in Nashik with combined floor space of over 200,000 sq.ft.

We also have a network of sales agents globally to sell and support our international clients. Representative offices in the USA and Europe are planned for the financial year 2012-13.

Gansons has had many successful international partnerships with various companies:

• Nautamix BV of Holland
(Initiated in 1971 - Technology Transferred)

• AmaFilter BV of Holland
(Initiated in 1976 - Technology Transferred)

• Quadro Engineering of Canada, a member of the Idex Group
(Active since 2000)

Innojet Herbert Hüttlinof Germany
(Active since 2010)

Resodyn of America
(Active since 2012)


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