Strip Packing Machine

General Description

Strip Packing Machine

Gansons Strip Packing Machine packs a wide range of products in to easily dispensable strips with economy and speed. It has a capacity between 500 units/min to 2500 units/min. It handles a wide variety of products like coated and uncoated tablets of any size/shape, hard and soft gelatin capsules, confectionary products like lozenges, toffees, chewing gums as well as electronic devices, among others.

More Information

  • Features

    Photo Print Registry System.
    Pneumatic cutter assembly.
    “No-fill” and “No-foil” detection system.
    Machine suitable for heat-sealable packing laminates.
    Temperature control by thermostat or digital temperature indicator and control panel.

  • Technical Specifications

    Models ranging from 2 tracks to 20 tracks of 40 mm to 300 mm sealing width.