General Description


Sifting is an essential step in ensuring the quality, efficiency and reproducibility of a final product.

The Gansons Sifter enables the efficient removal of extraneous foreign matter, oversized particles, agglomerates or fines generated during processing to precisely produce a high quality product of desired particle size ranges. The robust design minimizes chances of metal shedding and product contamination.

Quick and simple disassembly and reassembly coupled with easy accessibility to all exposed parts, corners and crevices, make the Gansons Sifter well-suited to cleaning procedures in use today. The resultant thorough cleaning and its validation, mitigates the risk of cross-contamination, which is a constant cause of concern during processing. 


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  • Features

    Amplitude of gyratory vibration adjustable to suit processing needs.
    Handles a wide variety of products from pharmaceutical powders to liquid slurries.
    Lower energy consumption as compared to reciprocating vibratory systems.
    Option of explosion/flame proof construction.
    Wide range of screen sizes to serve all applications.
    Models from lab-scale to production scale.
    Includes flame proof motor.
    Custom built models to suit different processes.