General Description


Gansons Multimill is a simple processing solution for sizing of relatively larger solid particles or lumps into comparatively smaller particles with a relatively narrow particle size distribution.

A direct correlation between screen size and target particle size facilitates the easy selection of the screen size. An appropriate selection of process parameters such as the impeller speed, can reproducibly assure the desired particle sizes with tight polydispersity indices.

Owing to the Multimill’s design attributes and compact footprint, it finds ready and handy application primarily in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in food processing, confectionaries and bakery ingredients, chemicals, dyestuffs, cosmetic powders, pesticides, fertilizers, ceramic products, insecticides and emulsification of liquids, among others.


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  • Features

    Conforms to general cGMP standards.
    Direction of blade rotation can be reversed to suit granulation and pulverization.
    Contact parts made of SS 316L.
    Changeable number of blades to suit the process and material.
    Wide screen-sizes to match all applications.