• Do conventional RMG designs still address
    today's wet granulation needs?
    More efficient pre-mixing is needed because today's powders are lighter.
    Scalability is not always predictable.
    End-point detection becomes unreliable over time.
    Energy efficiency can be improved--significantly.
    Not easy to clean and particles often enter difficult to access areas.
  • Gansons has manufactured
    the widest range of mixers for over 50 years.
    We studied the challenges faced by our clients
    in wet granulation.
    Started with a clean sheet of paper.
    Applied our extensive knowledge and experience of mixing.
    We designed and built...
    The Gansons High Shear Mixer Granulator
  • Unique Impeller design
    significantly improves pre-mixing efficiency.
    No uncertainty:
    Precise and Accurate Scalability Path
    The Gansons HSMG's electro-mechanical
    components provide consistently
    reliable end-point detection.
    The electo-mechanical drive system
    provides significantly higher energy efficiency
    versus conventional RMGs.
    Gansons' proprietary mechanical seal
    prevents the entry of any particles.
    The Ganson IMPELIFT* system
    raises the bottom impeller
    for ease of cleaning.

The Gansons HSMG: Rapid Mixing and High Shear Wet Granulation

General Description

The enhanced therapeutic effect of new molecules and trace active percentages within excipients has increased the demand for consistent throughput of batches with precise quantities and proportions of medicament.


Hence, the Pharmaceutical Industry requires accurate optimized High-Shear Wet Granulators more than ever before.  Pharmaceutical manufacture of identical formulations as per world global specification and testing procedures is a priority. Moreover, the supply of raw materials from diverse sources with small but consequential qualitative variances imposes additional requirements on the granulator.


The Gansons HSMG Processor is the new paradigm for Rapid High Shear Mixing and Wet Granulation. It is capable of blending, wetting, kneading, cutting and tumbling of ingredients with addition of suitable binder(s) in a single pot. The resultant design is an abstraction of key parameters based on Gansons relevant experience and detailed understanding of the various physico-chemical phenomena involved in wet -granulation.




  • Optimal dry blending and wet granulation for assured high-density wet granulate whose quality can be validated.
  • Accurate inference for end-point detection.
  • Minimal Energy consumption.
  • Fastest batch cycle times.
  • Unique design and constructional features for maximum yield.
  • Precision manufacturing and world-class finishes.
  • Flexibility of spatial set-up with production-suite layouts.
  • Variants for optional cleaning and automation to conform to C.G.M.P./G.A.M.P. standards
  • Modularity for connection with upstream charging/feeding and downstream milling/sieving/drying systems.
  • Options include: wash-in-place, binder feed delivery, powder feed and wet granulate discharge interface.
  • Compatibility with pre-engineered granulation suites including Gansons Material Handling (including Vacuum Transfer), Gansons Fluid Bed Dryers and Blenders, QUADRO COMIL, Wet Milling and Dry-Sizing and Gansons Sieving and Milling systems. Integration can encompass optional supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA).
  • Validation services including comprehensive DQ/IQ/OQ documentation for regulatory compliance.


More Information

  • Features

    • Cylindrical process vessel with inverted conical top enhances vortex flow for recirculation of ingredients--optimizes blending and tumbling.
    • Main impeller maximizes micro and macro-mixing of ingredients by effecting optimal diffusion, convection and shear, irrespective of varying bulk densities, both during dry and wet mixing/kneading .
    • Proprietary impeller design and close tolerance manufacture reduce material build-up walls of the bowl.
    • Complementing the main impeller; the modular, staggered chopper, ensures effective de-lumping/distribution of oversized agglomerates, distribution of binder fluid and ideal compaction of granules. Incremental/decremental modularity of chopper blades facilitates maximal surface interaction in zone of greatest peripheral velocity.
    • Easily dismantled chopper for ease of cleaning and thorough cleaning validation.
    • Unique pneumatic swivel lid arrangement for increased operator safety and ease of set-up.
    • The proprietary Gansons IMPELIFT* system raises the bottom impeller for in-situ ease of cleaning and hence there is no need for removing the main impeller--this reduces handling.
    • Ultra efficient Gansons Drive system for maximal torque transfer.
    • Air-purged Duo Seal systems on Impeller/Chopper retard ingress of powder/granulate to marginalize cross contamination.
    • Automation and Controls- commensurate with scope- available options for process visualization and sequential control of units operation of mixing/granulation. Accurate monitoring of inferrable variables such as current, time, power, torque, and temperature, recipe–management for validated manufacture through a PLC.
    • Jacketed bowl can be incorporated for the processing of temperature sensitive products. Circulation of fluids through the jacket for increased control/monitoring of wide temperature profiles.
  • Technical Specifications

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