Gansons Nauta Processors

The Most Versatile Processor of All Time

General Description

The Nauta Conical Screw Mixer/Processor is legendary for its brilliant engineering that successfully achieves intimate blending of powders or pastes in a short mixing time. Despite its long history, the Nauta's measured superiority makes it an outstanding performer in current processing environments.

As one of only three global official licensees of Nautamix B.V. (Holland), Gansons has been manufacturing Nauta Processors for over 40 years. With over 1000 Nauta Mixers/Processors sold, we have developed vast knowledge and experience across the broad range of applications that this wonderful machine can easily execute.

With our knowledge, experience, quality, and outstanding customer service, Gansons is the best choice for your next Nauta Conical Screw Mixer/ Processor.


The Gansons Nauta as a mixer


The Gansons Nauta Mixer achieves desired results in an exceptionally short time, mixing as much as 2000 kilograms of materials to a complete homogeneity. Unsurpassed for precision, it blends trace additives to accuracies up to one part in 10,000.


The unique screw flight agitator, rotating on its own axis while orbiting the periphery of the conical tank, sets up three distinct intermixing currents in the batch at the same time. The result is the most thorough blending action obtainable, even in mixing high viscosity materials and ingredients of widely different densities. 


No other mixer achieves such complete emulsification of creams, pastes and jellies. Yet the most fragile filaments and flakes are safe in the Gansons Nauta because of its smooth and gentle mixing action. The Gansons Nauta is very successful in mixing pastes, creams, doughs and plastisols, achieving complete emulsification with minimal agitation and practically no aeration. When equipped for vacuum, de-aeration is accomplished while mixing.


Highlights of The Gansons Nauta Mixer

Exceptional mixing accuracy

The Mixer has successfully mixed material to an accuracy of 1 part in 10,000 or 0.01%. with no stratification or separation it thoroughly blends materials of widely differing densities.

Shorter mixing time

The Nauta achieves thorough homogenous mix in one third to half the time required by most conventional mixers.

Low power consumption

Power requirements are much less than with other types of mixers. A 10 HP motor can mix a 2000 kilogram batch.

Gentle mixing action

Fragile filaments and flakes are safe from breakage and mixing is accomplished with minimal heat buildup aeration in the product.

Easy addition of liquids

Liquids may be piped from the top of the mixer or smaller amounts can be jet-sprayed into the mix at the bottom of the mixer, ensuring complete homogeneity.

Fill load starting

Screw agitator begins axially rotating and loosens batch material before its orbiting motion starts.The design feature prevents stalling and permits starting under full load in the event of power failure.

Mixing of partial batches

Mixes partial or full capacity batches equally well, with no reduction in mixing efficiency.

Fast complete discharge

The unique cone design provides for gravity unloading, gives cleaner, faster batch discharges. Universal joint scraper sweeps bottom of cone clean.

Easy to Clean

Contamination-proof construction provides fully product protection. Its unique obstruction –free cone shaped design makes thorough cleaning quick and easy.


But the Nauta does more...a lot more...


The Gansons Nauta as a Versatile Processor


The Gansons Nauta Processor is extremely flexible--various operations can be carried out in equipment effecting considerable savings in labour and investment.
The Gansons Nauta Processor executes variety of processes including agglomeration, coating, crystallization, drying, granulation, homogenizing, impregnation, instantiation, de-aeration, de-dusting, and solid-liquid or solid-solid reaction.
These operations are carried out within short process times and with great energy efficiency.
One of the most favoured unit operations is contact drying either atmospheric or vacuum for a wide range of bulk drugs, dyestuffs, food material, etc. The major advantage and successful application is because of:


  • Fast drying of slurries, pastes, solids, to free flowing powders.
  • Complete closed system secures environmental protection.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Can be combined with inert gas or air percolation drying
  • Easy solvent recovery.
  • No damage to heat sensitive products.
  • Important savings by combining operation like mixing, drying, granulation etc.
  • Fast and complete discharge.
  • Capacities from 50 liters to 30,000 liters.
  • Chemical reactions.


The Nauta can be fabricated with contact parts made out of stainless steel of various grades and carbon steel with or without the inside surface lined with corrosion resisting material in accordance to process requirement. Based on particular process requirements, vessels can be provided with jackets or limpet coils for heating by circulating steam or oil and also cooling. For control and regulation of temperature, thermometers or thermocouples can be placed at any point on the container or the jacket. Vessels are fabricated in accordance to BIS, BS, ASME and other international codes of pressure vessels.


Outstanding features of the Nauta Processor

  • Combining of processes, fewer labour hours, reduced cycle, times, space consolidation.
  • New, unique approach to many processing problems.
  • Energy Savings.
  • Backed up by specific knowledge of skilled processing engineers and extensive testing facilities.
  • Totally enclosed, no contamination of the atmosphere or the product

Succesful Operations Done in Gansons Nauta Processors

  • Drying under vacuum and concurrently homogenizing the product.
  • Vacuum drying of heat sensitive products.
  • Production of pastes and de-aeration under vacuum in order to prevent formation of air bubbles in the final product.
  • Reaction under vacuum or pressure of pasty products.
  • Mixing and reaction of products in an aqueous phase at temperatures above 100 degree Celsius.
  • Product reactions under pressure blanketed by inert gas.

Gansons Nauta vacuum and pressure mixers: Important Advantages

  • Easy to fill.
  • Favorable from to combat foam formation because the conical space above the product gives space for expiation.
  • Quick and easy to discharge.
  • Easily cleaned.
  • From the point of view of construction the machines are based on the design of the type MBX/DBX and the problem of seal in the various rotating shafts against vacuum or pressure has been solved by the use of mechanical seals, single or double, and provided with a sealing liquid.
  • Gentle handling of product.
  • Very large quantities can be dried.
  • By combining several operations other equipment may be eliminated.

Gansons Nauta Processors: Sample Use under vacuum or pressure conditions

  • Vacuum drying of PVC powder , organic tin compounds, crystalline starch derivates, pancreas powder , synthetic vanilla, pharmaceutical powders, nylon granulate, dyestuffs flavoring substances, filter-press cakes, explosives and enzymes.
  • Treatment of cocoa lumps under pressure in order to improve taste and colour.


More Information

  • Features

    Vacuum filters

    A range of vacuum filters is available specially designed to operate in conjunction with Gansons Nauta vacuum dryers. Size and specifications are dependent on product, solvent and volume of vapours to be handled. Automatic reverse jet cleaning systems are standard. Filter body and over are jacketed to avoid condensation of vapours passing through the filter.


    A ball segment valve of special design is fitted to the bottom or in the wall of the vessel.

    • Closure against flow of product is possible.
    • Sanitary design with inner surfaces polished if required.
    • Suitable to operate under full vacuum and pressure condition up to 6 bars.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Minimum product retention.

    Sampling device

    For installation into the vessel wall enabling product samples to be taken when the vessel is under full operating conditions.

    Lump breaker

    For the elimination of agglomerates and lumps which can occur in certain phases of a process, a lumpbreker can be installed in the wall of the vessel.

    Liquid addition

    For addition of liquids to powders or moistening of dry solids, spray nozzles can be installed inside the vessel. The liquid is fed to the nozzle through the hollow shaft of the drive assembly for direct spraying on to the surface of the product.


    A bacteriologically clean vessel can be obtained when C.I.P. cleaning systems are used for the internal cleaning of the vessel. Available are troll balls, lances and/or spray nozzles fitted in the walls or cover of the vessel.

    Process control

    The electrical panel controls all process functions. Available are semi-automatic panels, pushbutton controlled, or when required automatic PLC controlled systems with recorders. For accurate measurement and control of product temperature and process conditions, pressure switches and temperature probes are included as part of the drying system. Conditions for these processes are usually dependent on the physical specification of initial and final product desired and can be determined in our test laboratory by experiment.


    For process conditions of vacuum or pressure, a domed cover is welded on top of the vessel. Vessel and cover can be designed to withstand bursting pressure of up to 150 psi often required when processing hazardous products. The vessel is jacketed or supplied with limpet coil for heating the product dependent on temperature and pressure, conditions of the heating and medium used.
  • Technical Specifications

    Gansons has 8 different models of Nauta Mixers and Processors ranging from a working volume capacity of 5 liters upto 20,000 liters.


    Details can be found in the: 


    Gansons Nauta Data Sheet