The Gansons Integrated Granulation Suite

    Compact granulation suite
    —with optimum footprint.
    Closed transfer of materials
    —minimal operator exposure.
    Centralized Automation platform
    —drives reproducible results.
    Reduces human intervention
    —fewer mistakes, delays.
    Ease of cleaning
    —leading to shorter changeover times.
    Manufacturing continuum.
  • Gansons
    Integrated Granulation Suite
    1400 Liter Line

Accelerated Granulation without loss of quality

General Description

Quality Improvement

  • Fewer Human errors.
  • More automation, less human involvement means less risk.
  • Scale-up from R&D-level to HSMG 400 more predictable than HSMG 800.

Economic Benefits

  • Less variability in process times.
  • Better asset utlization.
  • Lower infrastructure requirement and energy consumption.

Lower Human Capital Requirements

  • Lower Operator Exposure
  • More automation, shorter transfer routes means fewer operators required.

Reduced Lifecycle Maintenance Costs

  • Eliminates need for multiple vendor service visits—single point accountability.
  • Reduction of Equipment means fewer products to fail—lower risk of downtime.

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