Elevated Above Comparison

General Description

Gansons Fluidized Bed Technology Solutions are conceived, designed and built to remain reference standards. As with all Gansons products, they incorporate the finest in contemporary skills, materials and technologies.

Gansons Fluidized Bed equipment will maximize your return-on-investment (ROI) over your complete lifecycle of ownership.

  • Their intrinsic design attributes modularity and our upgrade programs defeat obsolescence and maintain systems at the cutting edge.
  • Proven process technology assures continuous and immediate worry- free accurate results for decades, while meeting even more stringent C.G.M.P. and statutory regulations.
  • With class-leading, processing and material handling equipment, upstresm and downstream operations are seamlessly integrated better, faster and smarter.

Gansons creates these solutions to meet your demand for the best, in terms of value and refinement.

Gansons Fluidised Bed Technologies

Maximize the advantages of processing a suitable substrate when suspended in an upwardly moving stream of air to include

  • Gentle handling of aerated particulates--low shear.
  • Isothermal processing--highly efficient heat and mass transfer.
  • Low temperature processing.
  • Robust processing--wider tolerance of process and parameter variances.
  • Compact multi-processing--multiple unit operations in one system obviates need for other sub-systems.
  • Processing speed and reliability--intrinsically efficient and highly effective.
  • Reproducibility of results.
  • Versatility- Capable of handling sensitive product.
  • Processing Integrity-Closed systems for enhanced manufacturing standards.
  • Low Maintenance-Few moving components in system.
  • Cost Effective – Optimal returns.
  • Requires relatively small real estate.

The Range of Gansons Fluid Bed Equipment

Gansons Fluid Bed Driers (GFBD)

The fundamental objective of efficient and gentle blending or drying of moist fluidize-able product is reliably attained.

Technological insight and product-specific knowledge enables fine tuning for maximum process efficiency—even with wide variance of in-feed, reduced need for raking and uniform drying.

Top Spray Gansons Fluid Bed Processors (GFBP)

Commonly referred to as Top-spray Processors/Agglomerators, the GFBP is used primarily for air blending; low-shear wet granulation; conversion of powdery materials into agglomerates; and, top-spray coating of larger particulate matter.

Using atomized binder/polymer fluid (which is then evaporated); air-suspended substrate particles circulated in a counter-current manner can be sprayed.


Product AdvantagesProcess Advantages
  • Dust-free granulates
  • Minimal fines
  • Controllable granule growth and uniform size (narrow granule size distribution).
  • Optimal porosity, tablet formability and erosion resistance.
  • Rapid dissolution by capillary wicking
  • Speed
  • Simplicity
  • Nozzle accessibility
  • Scalability
  • Gentle processing—minimal stress
  • Enhanced capacities
  • Lower cost
  • Manufacture of temperature-sensitive/fragile products
  • Hot-melt coating

Bottom Spray/Wurster Gansons Fluid Bed Coaters (GFBC)

Finer particles (generally down to 100 microns) are coated by a finely atomized spray of suitable polymers for the purpose of protecting, modifying, or controlling drug release in an oral dosage forms.

As compared to Top-Spray systems, the coating fluids are sprayed concurrently on to the fluidized substrate within columns placed symmetrically in the product container. Atomized droplet/substrate interface is maximized for yielding coherent coating with maximal yield.

Product AdvantagesProcess Advantages
  • The best film quality/surface morphology
  • Coating/layering uniformity (distribution and actives)
  • Coating efficiency (percentage of actual coating deposited)
  • Minimal losses
  • No agglomerates during coating
  • Capability of coating fine particulates/pellets
  • Speed of coating
  • Reproducibility/consistency
  • No agglomeration of fine substrate
  • Easy processing of difficult polymers and substrates
  • Maximal yield
  • Robust process—superior tolerance of parameter variances

More Information

  • Features

    Inlet Air Handling Units

    All inlet A.H.U.’s are customized, meticulously designed and manufactured (based on ASHRAE guidelines) for supplying assured quality and quantity of conditioned Fluidizing Air. Sequential Air Filter Batteries ensures progressive clarification and conditioned air up to desired standards. Modularity affords convenient placement, aesthetic similitude, upgradability with ease of handling Air Filter and more importantly, checking of A.H.U’s during Qualification / Validation. Ultra –Efficiency Energy transfer coils maximize Inlet Air / Radiator interface for economy. Precision regulatory hardware controlled with proprietary Algorithmic Software, maintain optimal conditioned Air Flows. Popular options include:

    HEPA Filtration.

    Safe Change Air Filtration.

    Face/Bypass arrangement.

    Control and monitoring device such as Flow and Pressure Switches, Transmitters, etc.


    Exhaust air systems

    Gansons Fluidized Bed Systems are always equipped with High- Efficiency Centrifugal Fans. With an eye on processing economy and precision, the fans can be regulated with AC Invertors. Protection of the environment may be ensured by selecting a battery of Police Filters* can also be incorporated.

    Automation and Control

    Gansons Automation and Control system are created as the “Brain” for our processing systems-An intelligent mind for a powerful body-Reliable, Flexible, and Intuitive. Task built to perform unerringly beyond user’s expectations. A careful systematic approach is first adopted using document disciplines. At once the hardware and software requirement of the user is precisely matched from an array of control and automation option based on proven process technology. Our systems are built on tested platform following Gansons guidelines to provide absolute assurance infield conditions. Lucid display and recording of batch data are meticulously implemented with particular emphasis on archival storage and presentation of electronic data based on regulatory criteria such as USFDA 21 CFR 11 (optional). Operating Protocols ensure secure access.


    The presence of air entrained fine particles with its attendant electric charge, presence of solvents in critical concentration, or elevated temperatures create explosive fuel-air ignition mixtures. This potential hazard is addressed in the design of the system with reliable amelioration of static charge, earth circuit protection, pre-settable automatic safety interlocks and optional flame/explosion-proof components. The main processing section can be built for explosion pressure shock resistance of 2-Bar, 10-Bar, or 12-Bar designs.