The GansCoater

  • Facts
    Gansons has sold over 75 production coaters annually in the last 5 years
    —including 107 in FY2010-11--to regulated pharmaceutical facilities.
    Most often chosen for facilities regulated by the US FDA, UK MHRA, EU, etc.
    We have sold over 1000 GansCoater units since 1985.
    We build over 30 different models--from 0.5kg to 1000kg!
    Multiple trials at client sites confirm that the GansCoater produces
    the most precise and accurate results in the shortest batch times.
    For its performance, reliability, service and price,
    The GansCoater offers the most compelling value.
  • Addressing Suspension Preparation
    To Guarantee Uniform Quality
    Suspension preparation subsystem
    with Quadro Ytron Jet Mixer or ZC Inline Powder Mixer
    Reduces mixing and hydration time
    results in up to 80% reduction in batch times.
    Instantly disperses gums, polymers and pigments.
    Increases stability of colour and tablet shelf life.
    Eliminates lumping or “fish eyes”.
    Minimizes air entrainment.
  • Multi-Head, Multi-Drive Peristaltic
    Pump System
    Precisely doses nozzles with the right quantity/homogeneity of coating suspension.
    Reduces deposition of suspended solids in the tubing.
    Maintains fluid composition until the atomisation point.
    Deters nozzle choking.
    Provides capability to stop and/or start each nozzle individually.
  • Optimized Air Movement
    Maximizes Yield
    Directional/adjustable air guiding plenums ensure...
    Conditioned drying air flows only through the whole tablet bed which...
    Maximizes water/solvent evaporation
    —irrespective of tablet size and/or quantity with...
    Maximal energy transfer and minimal pressure drop while making...
    Full use of conditioned air with energy utilization optimized to 99%.
  • The Best Anti-Bearding Spray Nozzles
    Value Engineered for
    High Performance and Durability
    Redirect air currents and prevent dried coating from clogging the air cap.
    Set-up and use of the nozzles are rendered routine with no spray drying or choking.
    Optimal and uniform droplet size over a wide range of
    spray parameters and fluid properties.
    Less bounce-back of spray from tablet bed.
    Higher fluid delivery rates at lower air consumption.
    Economical parts and accessories substitution.
  • Improved Drying Efficiency
    Standard double-walled Cabinet seals the drum
    providing maximal thermoacoustic efficiency and retards material build-up.
    Each pan perforation countersunk by hand to improve performance and
    confirms de-burring and mitigates risk of black spots.
    Pan perforated area completely electro-polished.
    Shallow bed depth maximizes heat transfer and
    minimizes tablet core erosion.
  • Optimized Baffle Design
    to Mix Fast, Well, and Gently
    Gentle handling.
    High mixing efficiency.
    Optimal mixing at all low speeds.
    Optimum “dwell” time.
    Rapid recirculation.
    Uniform exposure for highest aesthetic/functional quality coating.
  • Automation: Precise, Intelligent,
    Compliant, Easy-To-Use
    Current modular expandable PLC Automation Systems
    including fuzzy logic.
    Options also include Computer/IPC-based Automation
    with 21cfr11 compliance of risk-based electronic records only.
    Current systems not only perform flawlessly in the file,
    but fit seamlessly into any PAT architecture.

The Industry Leader in Tablet Coating

General Description

Perforated Drum: Electro-polished and each perforation is counter-sunk

The Gansons perforated drum is unsurpassed for tablet coating efficiency. Recent research and practical experience demonstrate that while the original drum design is still the most desirable, it’s performance is greatly enhanced by:

  • Inclusion of proprietary Gansons baffles assures tablet movement with the best dwell time in spray zone – recirculation of tablets from within the bed has been established to be the fastest when compared with other designs.

  • Most desirable tablet bed depth for rapid turnover and gentle handling of fragile tablets

  • Creating maximum open area, enabling circulation of turbulence free drying air through tablet cores – with optimum contact time and uniform coverage, irrespective of size, shape and quantity of tablets.


We still lavish the same care on our perforated drums, with a final electro-polish run to achieve finest burr-free finish. All perforations are tapered outward for ease of clean ability.


All product content parts are made from AISI 316L stainless steel. The non-content portions of the cabinet are clad with AISI 304Q stainless steel.

Baffles: Optimizes Tablet Dwell Time in Spray Zone

Original research conducted by the renowned Indian Institute of Technology (Mumbai) and Gansons provides clear evidence that the proprietary Gansons-designed baffles assure optimal tablet movement with the best dwell time in the spray zone. Recirculation of the tablets from within the bed has been established to be the fastest when compared with other designs.

As coating processes involve many physical characteristics and types of coating, GansCoater baffles are selected from a range of options which offers maximum flexibility.

Our baffles ensure gentle handling of delicate tablet cores while effectively optimizing mixing even at low speeds.

Study of tablet-coating parameters for a pan coater through video imaging and Monte Carlo simulation




The movement of tablets in a pan coater and the exposure of different surfaces of tablets for deposition of coatings by spray-coating have been studied by video imaging and Monte Carlo simulation techniques. A representative variety of tablets of different shapes and sizes were used at different pan loads and at various pan speeds. A single “tracer” tablet was used to track the motion of tablets and coating variables such as circulation time, surface time, projected surface area and surface velocity of a tablet were determined from

the video imaging experiments. The coating uniformity is described in terms of the coating variation from tablet to tablet CV(tt) and a new parameter CV(st) the coating variation on a single tablet. The effect of shape of tablets on coating uniformity was analyzed by introducing a “sphericity” of tablet (φs) into the CV models.

The methodology, new models and the analysis developed here incorporating the additional parameters will help users to optimize the coating process in pan-coating operations.



Cabinet: Standard double-walled for better thermo-acoustic efficiency

A contoured, double-walled cabinet seals in the drum for providing maximal thermo-acoustic efficiency.

Air guiding plenums direct conditioned drying air to flow only through the whole tablet bed for maximizing water / solvent evaporation – irrespective of tablet size and/or quantity.

Ready access for cleaning / dismantling is simply achieved opening the side doors and gaining ready and easy access to the interior of the cabinet.

All portion of the cabinet are easily accessible for cleaning and validation.

The crevice-free interior maximizes the position of dust / dried material.

Spray Nozzles: Minimize Spray Drying and Choking with Anti-Bearding

The characteristics and use of coating fluids continue to evolve. In recognition of the same, the Ganscoater is equipped with the best-in-class spray nozzles- created in active partnership with the best nozzle manufacturers in the world.

We support our research with practical experience. After all, given the innumerable characteristics of coating fluids and/or process, sustained performance and efficiency is assured by Gansons through proven field results only.

  • Optimal and uniform droplet size over a wide range of spray parameters and fluid properties.

  • Minimal loss due to spray drying with standard deliveries

  • Less bounce-back of spray from tablet bed

  • Higher fluid delivery rates at lower air consumption

  • No airflow disturbance small contoured profile for negligible airflow

  • Negligible gun choking with nozzle clean-out and anti-bearing construction

  • Modular tool-free changeover

  • Sustained performance with increased wear resistance

  • Economical parts and accessories substitution

Active relationships with coating material manufacturers always assure the user that the Gansons nozzles are ready and tested with new products. Hence set-up and use of the nozzles are rendered routine with no spray drying or choking.


Coating suspension delivery: Multihead-Multidrive peristaltic pump system for precise nozzle dosing

The performance of the new Gansons Spray Nozzles is complete with the innovative Gansons fluid delivery systems. The Gansons fluid delivery systems ensure precise dosing to every spray nozzle particularly in a battery.

The delivery of coating fluid through the Gansons Multihead Multidrive (MHMD) peristaltic pump system precisely doses every nozzle with the right quantity and homogeinity of coating fluid.

The settling of suspended solids in the tubing is ameliorated and the composition of the fluid is maintained until the point of atomistion.

The Gansons MHMD system ameliorates nozzle choking and provides a capability to stop and/or start each nozzle INDIVIDUALLY – on command.

The range of fluid delivery options also extends beyond the standard single-head peristaltic pump and MHMD systems. Characteristics and special application requirements can be examined, and the optimum fluid delivery system can also be selected, tested and provided


Coating Suspension Preparation: Ensured Uniformity for Consistent Tablet Coating Results


The uniform dispersion and homogeneity involved in preparing tablet coating fluids is necessary for consistent results in tablet coating.


Gansons coating fluid preparation systems range from conventional open impellers mounted in vessels with optional jackets to advanced processing solutions from our partner Quadro-Ytron.


The Quadro-Ytron range offer additional benefits:


  • Reduces mixing and hydration time (less than one hour per batch).

  • Instantly disperses gums, polymers and pigments.

  • Eliminated lumping or "fish eyes".

  • Increases stability of color and tablet shelf life.

  • Minimizes air entrainment.


Inlet Air Handling (AHU): Precise Flow for Optimal Coating Conditions

The Gansons Inlet Air Handler are designed and made to provide the precise flow and validated quality of conditioned, drying air to maintain the most desirable coating conditions in the Ganscoater.

Gansons Inlet air handlers are built to sustain its class-leading performance through its life-cycle with minimal maintenance

  • Conforms to cGMP & ASHRAE guidelines

  • Modular construction for functional and aesthetic suitability to facility

  • Progressive clarification of Inlet Air up to final HEPA (0.3 Micron)

  • Ready access for Filter Installation/Removal and Changeover

  • Aerosol Sampling Point(s) for integrity testing of HEPA filters.

Our design goals and capability to meet the desired values of Inlet Air temperature and Humidity under varied climatic conditions – extend beyond the immediate goals of merely meeting set parameters. With an eye on Energy Efficiency, the Heating, Cooling and/or Dehumidification operations are always accomplished with Exchangers which maximize energy Transfer while being robustly made to continually work with frugal energy consumption.

Gansons promotes Green technology particularly in case of extreme Dehumidification with Heat recovery and recycling loops which save upto 30% energy over conventional technology.

Exhaust Air Treatment: Ensuring Eco-Friendly "Green" Production

The Exhaust Air drawn from the Ganscoater is the focus of special attention before it is expelled into the atmosphere. Options for treating the Exhaust air range from high efficiency Wet scrubbing systems to Dry air filtration systems. In case of stringent emission standards, the exhaust air can be filtered through HEPA air filter batteries.

In situations where the coating of potent dosage forms at low Occupational Exposure Levels are involved the air filtration systems can be provided with full Safe-Change capability.

Automation and controls: Precise, Easy-to-use, Record-keeping compliant

The “Brain” of the Ganscoater. Our new Automation package harnesses the science of coating and guarantees the transition to the most intelligent and consistent coating technology- today.

In consonance with the latest GAMP guidelines as well as the need to approach and/or conform to USFDA 21 cfr11 guidelines, Gansons brings together their body of knowledge and experience both in process and optimum suitability with the latest Automation, controls and instrumentation.

With the latest pharmaceutical initiative to build quality into every manufacturing step, the complex interplay between every parameter in the coating process is given its due importance. The additional challenges posed by human error are rigorously addressed with an emphasis on mitigation of risk.

As a result, continued, reproducible performance in a Ganscoater is offered with unique intelligence to the operator in a simple and intuitive manner. With a simple selection of a recipe on the machine interface, an entire coating cycle can be automatically completed. “Lights Out” operation at its best !!

Specific emphasis and care is accorded to the inviolable display and recording of all batch data on paper and/or in electronic format .

The task of managing the coating process is achieved by selecting from an ascending range of PLC’s and partnering Human- machine interfaces.

  • Recipe/Menu driven system

  • Tight regulation of key process variables

  • Alarms and interlocks to ensure correct operating procedure

  • Batch parameter data logging

  • Diagnostics

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